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Should You Upgrade Your PCs RAM?

Hey guys,

Whether you're a die-hard PC gamer, a digital artist or a software designer, one question always stands – do I need more RAM?

In short, the answer is it can never hurt.

But what will it actually do? Well the way we, here at AX see it, there are two ways more RAM can improve your performance. Improved performance of a SINGLE PROGRAM and the ability to run MULTIPLE PROGRAMS simultaneously. Let me explain.

  1. Single Program – Often the highest priority of people looking to increase their computing power, this serves a few different purposes, depending on what exactly you're using your PC for. If you're most interested in gaming, you most likely already know some modern games require 4 or even 8 Gbs to run.

    Star Citizen for instance, one of the most graphic-intensive games of the modern age, poised to come out later in 2015, requires 8 Gbs and a fairly expensive video card just to run at the lowest possible settings. In addition to this, extra RAM can make loading screens and program start-ups drastically faster. For example, when I upgraded from 4 to 8 Gigs, I noticed a HUGE difference in load times (an important detail for us impatient gamers).

    BUT gaming is not the only thing extra RAM will improve. For you digital artists and meme-creators out there, more RAM will make your programs much more responsive, and your upload times much faster – which means more hilarious memes for the rest of us.

  1. Background Programs – In addition to having improved initial performance, extra RAM will make it easier to run more than one program in the background. This is especially useful for those gamers who want to watch twitch streams or youtube videos during their games. But even if gaming isn't your thing, this can let you run all kinds of program simultaneously, like web browsers, music streaming programs, skype, microsoft office, etc. More RAM is essential for content creators of any kind, who want to get their work done more efficiently.

Prices for extra memory vary a bit, and have actually seen a substantial increase in price in the past few years. Right now you can expect to pay ABOUT $10 per GB. So in conclusion, I would say adding extra RAM to your arsenal of computing power is ABSOLUTELY worth it (given that you are into one of the activities listed above, and your budget allows it).

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